John Sharpe

John Sharpe, President

The best solutions are often born of conflicting concepts.

Portrait of John Sharpe

John Sharpe

I earned a degree in Parks & Recreation, where I focused on the concept that exercise demands dedication to repetition for results. Later, I started a Masters in Computer Science, going on to work at Nike, then later Lockheed Martin. There, I found a passion for database programming and application integration.

Moving from manufacturing to healthcare, I spent a few years with a regional healthcare facility then a few more with a data vendor. During this time, I realized that far too many healthcare processes were repetitive without results.

I thought I could do better.  So I started Comstock Software.

Comstock Software was built on the concept that Healthcare IT should provide both better patient outcomes AND increased profitability. The key is data and process integration.

When I’m not working, I enjoy fencing, good books, great coffee, and fast paced conversations about almost anything.