Custom MEDITECH Reports

Healthcare business intelligence is often hard-won. The ever-evolving nature of the industry requires both vigilance and agility to remain ahead. When you find your people in need of better information, call and we’ll help you design and implement the reports that are right for your team.

Our wide experience with hospitals and physician’s groups large and small gives us an advantage which we can pass on to your organization. Whether your custom report needs focus on clinical, revenue, or regulatory areas, we can help.

Here are examples of a few custom reports we’ve created to help other organizations achieve their goals. How can we help with yours?

Clinical Record

  • Nursing, Transfusion Administrative Record
  • Pharmacy, Medication Reconciliation Report Suite
  • Respiratory Therapy

Financial Extracts

  • Physician Billing & Receivables
  • Aging Receivables (30, 60, 90+ Days)
  • Patient Price Estimation Detail
  • BAR Revenue by Financial Class
  • Payments by Payor
  • Patient Statements by Date and Payor
  • Third Party Administrator Extracts
  • Aging Receivables
  • Collection Detail
  • Demographic Information

Regulatory Reporting

  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Best Practice Adoption
  • Hospital Acquired Infection Measures
  • State Hospital Associations
    -Patient Safety
    -Patient Satisfaction
    -Length of Stay by Diagnosis

Quality Measures
-MRSA Infection Prevention
-Central Line Infection Prevention