Data Extracts & Migration

EHRs built from accurate data extracts deliver to both sides of the healthcare delivery equation: patient outcomes and hospital/provider profitability. Pinpoint data migration services come into play as you merge disparate HCIS repositories. Our HIPAA-compliant data handling ensures a high level of security as you focus on care delivery and revenue recovery.Information will be critical as you look toward future value-based care models.

Hospitals and physician groups need to worry about HRSA compliance, HEDIS measures, and meaningful use specifications. These important goals overlay the daily need for accurate abstracting and coding as you move toward full ICD-10 compliance. Effective revenue cycle management relies heavily on current, discoverable data.

Provider reviewing data on a transparent screen.

Migrate your data into a useful state.

Data Conversion

Because our skills are vendor-agnostic, it doesn’t matter what system you currently use for your healthcare information system–we can convert your data to cache archive. We’ve done data conversions for CPSI, Siemens, Meditech, Epic, and Cerner.

Report Writing

Your on-going need for daily or monthly reporting can often seem like a never-ending time sink. We can automate reports for any area of focus, for example, contract pharmacy and medication reconciliation.

Dashboard-style reports can be created to inform decision makers who may be setting executive strategy, opening new service areas, or considering facility consolidation.

Organization or government policies may mean you have custom requirements for compliance or audit reporting. Meaningful Use reports are critical to confirming Phase 2 compliance and setting preparation agendas for Stage 3.

Revenue Cycle Management

A critical area for healthcare organizations amid the roiling insurance coverage arena is cost recovery. Many provider organizations and hospitals engage third-party revenue recovery firms, such as Connance and Conifer.

We can help you extract and transform your sensitive data for delivery to these firms so they can hit the ground running in pursuit of your revenue.