On-site Training Course

Learn the ins-and-outs of the Meditech Data Repository System and see how to use the art of Data Discovery to your advantage!  This class offers plenty of real-life examples to quickly familiarize you in the utilization of Meditech DR. Practical examples reinforce the lessons for the confidence you need to use this powerful resource.

What’s Covered?

Meditech Data Repository is a two-day on-site class focused on bringing developers up to speed with current Meditech DR practices and protocols.

The purpose of this class is to introduce attendees to the power of Meditech Data Repository and familiarize them with the various aspects of Data Discovery and Reporting.

Day 1 – The Art of Data Discovery

08:00 – Introduction / Agenda / Housekeeping Items

08:15 – Data Discovery 101

09:00 – Data Discovery 202

10:00 – Data Discovery 303

11:00 – Staff check messages / emails / transition to lunch.

11:30 – Team lunch

13:00 – Options in Reporting Missing Meditech DR Data

14:00 – Short vs Long Term Horizon

14:30 – Coffee break

15:00 – Exercise(s): Putting It All Together

16:30 – Wrap-up

Day 2 – Practical Implementation

08:00 – Data Sprint Exercise 1

08:15 – Data Sprint Exercise 2

09:00 – Review of BI Team Reporting Process

10:00 – Building Tools That Expand Your Capability

11:00 – Wrap-up

Ready to Attend?

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